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Shareholding in Berekisanang Empowerment Farm (PTY) Ltd

Shareholder % Share
Berekisanang Workers Trust (BWT) 17.01
RCF (on behalf of BWT) 21.21
IDC 22.68
Galactic Deals (PTY) Ltd 39.1

Project Goals

  • Improve the quality of life of all the beneficiaries.
  • Striving towards realistic profits, environmentally-friendly production techniques, coupled with the latest technology and training courses to empower all the shareholders.
  • Play an effective and leading role in South African agriculture.
  • Rewards for outstanding performance within a team environment, focusing on human dignity, fair labour practises and a safe working environment.


  • Land registered in the name of Berekisanang Empowerment Farm (Pty)Ltd.
  • Plot 407.
  • Total Hectare:1127.8627 ha.
  • Total Development 400 ha.


  • Department of Water Affairs granted the Berekisanang Worker Trust 500ha of water rights.
  • Water may not be transferred to any other property.
  • Mottec Irrigation System installed for efficient water management.
  • Water are subtracted from the Northern Canal in Kakamas and pumped 3.2km to the farm.


  • Current Supplier: Eskom.
  • 1.3MVA Supply Point.
  • 8.2km private owned line.
  • Step-up Step-down permission into local municipal area to main pump house.
  • Current demand 800kva.
  • Eskom supply can escalate to 3.0MVA.
  • Currently investigating Solar System to save cost and to generate income for the Berekisanang Worker Trust.


Large scale green fields farming operation with no infrastructure in beginning.

Total infrastructure needed:

  • Pump house at canal with 5 x 165kw pumps.
  • Pipeline 800mm x 3.2km.
  • Dam 113 000 m³.
  • Irrigation pump house 17 x 25-45kw pumps.
  • Operating Shed with office and workshop.
  • 2 x Palletization and Packaging Facility.
  • 3 Fertilizer and Chemical Rooms.
  • Cold store facilities.
  • 280 x 2 bedroom worker houses.


  • BEF require high-intensity management in all aspects of the business, as well as high-level longer-term planning expertise.
  • The Board of Directors of BEF take care of strategic decision-making, while a management team take care of the short-term operational decision-making and supervision.
  • ACG Fruit is the Managing Partner and report directly to the Board of Directors BEF. Written and verbal reports are done quarterly.

Experience and Skills Training

  • The Management Team has many years experience in the Table Grape and Citrus industries.
  • We believe in the power of training and skills transfer.
  • Therefore we team up with Agriseta, CRI, Satgi and AgriExpert to do intensive training and skills transfering.
  • ABET school on farm for basic education.

Marketing Strategy

  • Berekisanang forms part of ACG Fruit Group Farms and therefore all fruit are exported under the full portfolio to use the global reach and economies of scale to achieve maximum farm gate returns in a sustainable manner.
  • ACG Fruit manage the full cost chain from the farm to the customer with partner offices in Rotterdam(OFD), Shanghai and Peoples Republic of China(ODA).

Job Creation

  • This development will provide over 1100 new jobs on maturity (2019).
  • This figure is a permanent equivalent calculation based on both the permanent and seasonal headcounts.
  • These jobs are sustainable in perpetuity due to the nature of farming.
  • The development creates a further economic stimulus to the area due to the large infrastructural requirements (blasting, pipelines, electricity, irrigation, buildings etc.).


  • Housing grant received from COGHSTA for the building of 397 houses.
  • Over a period of 5 years.
  • Additional bridging loan from IDC for housing.

Productivity and Sustainability

  • Sustainable farming: South Africa is one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest citrus producers as a result of soil quality, rainfall patterns and general climate.
  • ACG Fruit’s farms are widespread across South Africa’s best citrus and grape growing regions, with sufficient access to water and resources to develop sustainable commercial farming activities.


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